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“Each artist uses colour in their own unique way. Picasso’s colours are always linked to the forms of the object or
person depicted; Raoul Dufy allows the colours to escape the limits of the form but the forms stay always identifiable;
Monet creates form with colour. The German Expressionists used colour to intensify the experience in front of a landscape
or a portrait, however the subject remains identifiable. Piet Mondrian exploits colour structurally within the domain of
pure abstraction. Marc Rothko diffuses colour until the point that the form dissolves.”

“Angèle’s colours come from forms that often in no way resemble the familiar. It’s as if they decide themselves their
existence and their behaviour. Veiled, they communicate between themselves, but always secretly. They whisper to
one another, like music exchanging places as a result of different harmonic relationships set into a background,
itself made up of colour, ready and willing to receive them.

“But their conversation, like those of plants and animals, are always an enigma for us.”

“All these colours are gentle, without identifiable forms but, paradoxically, are precise. They have subtleties
hardly perceptible, full of supernatural surprises, but arising from the capacity of the artist to create other universes.”

“At each view of the painting, a world that was not there just before appears.”

“The works of Angèle opens our eyes to the mystery of the unpredictable relationships between form and colour.”

Kathleen Burlumi

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Angèle Donjacour is a Dutch visual artist who lives and works in southwestern France.

She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam from 1980 to 1985.


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